AF·ART Magazine

AF·ART Magazine is a danish independent art magazine with a historical, analytic and poetic approach to the universe of art, surrounding the questions of what it is the art can, how art affects our lives, and what art says about our time.


Through critical articles, galleries, photo series and creative essays AF·ART Magazine creates fresh perspectives and reflections on the deeper cultural nature of art. The content encourages debate and is formed from the human need for companionship, expresion, love, and creativity.


We created the graphic design and visual identity from an aesthetic point of depature, with the experience of reading and the need for refection at the center. We have kept the design tight, simple and expressive in a format that drives the reader forward, yet makes space for contemplation. In designing this magazine it was important for us that the act of reading and listening to the written message would become an intiutive, calm and undisturbed experience.